Monday, May 3, 2010

Since my follow up comments were moderated from the blog I decided to post them here:

I apologize for the fiery emo-style rant earlier. I think my blood pressure is just now returning back to normal. Sleep deprivation and being around lots of estrogen all week may have caused a few chemical changes in my brain to take place no offense to the ladies. I'm okay now though, I promised my girlfriend I would stop slitting my wrists by the end of the night. As for my manhood I can finally feel my testicles starting to descend again but my penis still hasn't grown back. It's a terrible thing really because I was going to let The Mighty Buzzard suck on it.

I have never been used as a cover model or a model of any type and the 3rd place (2nd runner-up) award does not include a cover shoot as a prize. So I really don't understand all these "life is so easy why are you complaining" comments. If I was getting paid to go around and shoot covers I wouldn't be complaining. I am just a hard-working individual looking for my big break and it's only natural for me to be upset that I came so close (1 point separated me from Franco) to getting my first paid modeling gig. It's not like I'm getting paid to sit in Tiajuana and sip a margarita while someone brushes my hair before a photo shoot. I just wanted to clear things up.

Andrew, next time I get invited to a bisexual stripper orgy I'll let you and your wife know, just remember no pictures please! I also decided that it's time for the past and present Mr. Romance contestants to start gossiping about the bloggers who watched our shows. Charles and I have decided that the people watching the show this year were just too tall which is a shame really because next year they still won't be any shorter. Would you agree? I was going to invite HG's daughter (amazing girl) to the giant/midget stripper orgy in room 1139 but I was too embarrassed because of my short stature and because apparently I don't have any balls. I take it you didn't get the memo for that one either. I thought you would be with your wife when she showed up but she said you were too busy with your own pumpkin patch gun orgy.

Kimber An, we thank you for the compliments.

TFK, I will try and stay off of the blogs lol. I just googled "2010 Mr. Romance" and this blog happened to be the first thing that popped up so I figured I had to defend myself and vent out some frustration. But us guys get a bad rep and I know it's deserved a lot of times but sometimes not. I am always a complete gentlemen when I perform at shows no matter what happens but often times I do get treated like a piece of meat. A few weeks ago I had just got done with a show and a girl ran up on stage and dumped a whole pitcher of beer on my head and it took everything in my power not to get mad. But thanks for the support! Hopefully, I can come back next year older and wiser and compete in Los Angeles!